Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011: Olympic Village.

Olympic Games are usually a disaster for the host-country economy. London is the only city that will host the Olympic Games for third time. After today's guided tour, I can tell that 'disaster' won't happened here; the lesson of previous games was truly analyzed.
First, pre-planning took almost two years; in every a little details on what, where & how.
Second, most jobs are belong to Britain, and 54% to London.
Third, it all about recycling.
The Queen was visiting the site and even 'planted' a tree, and we will see more trees are will growing around that now looks like a big construction zone. But, with a little imagination & help of maps, you can see how it will looks like very-very soon.

My favorite part of the construction zone is the Red Tour. I believe that after it will be done, this Red Tour might take over the London Eye, nope, the London Eye is an iconic part of London. Adding an extra red splash to the British weather, it adds another stop for tourists and locals.

Another interesting fact that I learned today is about the East London neighborhood, which originally had a very poor reputation but after the Olympic Games it will raise up on the top. Great for a city and for people who lives there now.

Today's information was so different from 'typical' tours that I believe it will dominate everyone's blog.
Competition isn't bad thing.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Photography focus & more.

July 18, 2011. Our group first stop was at the Westminster Abbey. We learned briefly about history, we walked through the Cloisters. We saw unknown solder' tomb that remain me that my uncle never come back from WWII, and remember how my mom always was thinking about him. In Moscow, the unknown solder' tomb is located next to Kremlin Wall, outside, and it is Russian tradition that most new weds stop & bring a lot of flowers. Taking about the death, looking around & recognizing most of the names, seeing oldest pieta as a work of art but used to be just a decoration for a funeral. I thought about the Death that used to have a different meaning back then; it was different tradition, tradition that left to us this memorial that still located in the working daily church.

I was lucky enough to meet and talk to new celebrity [YouTube sensation] after William & Kate Wedding. I would like to share his photo with you, see above on the left.
I asked him: "Are you celebrity now?"
His answer was short: "Apparently , I am. You do know why."
He asked me: "Where am I from?", and I tell a little bit about myself and why I am here.

WOW, I actually talk to celebrity. WOW!

Beside the taking to celebrity I went to the College Garden,

and I went to the Abbey museum [saw wax reproductions of king's families],

As soon we walk outside, it is all about life, colors, fresh air, and